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Kit Ecotop

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Torch for the installation of bituminous membrane, 10 mt. rubber hose and regulator with safety valve

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The Kit Ecotop is composed by:

  • Ecogas torch
    Such model is manufactured with the best quality materials and tested with extreme accuracy, all this in order to give to the final user the immediate feeling he has Purchased one of the absolute best piece of equipment available on the market. The frame of this torch is completely Realized in brass, each single connection between tap and body extension is threaded and brazed with silver Ag45 alloy. Burner head and air mixer are easily substitutable in case of necessity to change or ware housing diameter.

  • Flexible hose
    To Ecogas torch we prefer to combine a rubber propane hose with a thinner diamater, more flexible, to make even more handy the whole kit.
    The standard length is of 10mt. homologated according to European Regulations ISO EN3821 (or upon specific requests as length and also different homologations)

  • Gas regulator
    Standard gas regulator homologated according to ISO EN334 and featuring 8 Kg/h flow and 4 bar max gas pressure exit (or available on request with any specific international homologation)

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