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Single Torch Deluxe Removable

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Torch for the installation of bituminous membrane

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The Deluxe removable torch with interchangeable stem is manufactured with the best quality materials and with high production care all severely handcrafted with the “Made in Italy” skill. Then tested with extreme accuracy, all this in order to give to the final user the immediate feeling he has purchased one of the absolute best piece of equipment available on the market.
This model is provided with two stems with two different lenghts (180/350) and two burner heads interchangeable on the same stem of two different diameters (50/60)
The frame of this torch is completely realized in brass, each single connection between tap body and extension is threaded and brazed with Ag45 silver alloy as particularly ductile. Burner head and air mixer are threaded onto the extension and therefore easily substitutable in case of ware or necessity to change housing diameter.  All manufactured according to European Regulations ISO EN9012.

Burner Houseing: 50- 60; Extension: 180-350; Weight (g): 1600; Kcal/h: 53550- 64260; Kw: 62,27- 74,72; Kj/h: 224162- 268995; Working Pressure Bar: 2- 4; Max Consumption kg/h: 4,5- 5,4


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