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Kit EcogasVa

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Torch for the installation of bituminous membrane, 10 mt. rubber hose and regulator with safety valve

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The Ecogas kit is composed by:

• Ecogas torch
The gas torch included in the Ecogas kit is one of Narcisi’s products especially addressed towards re-sales market. It is light-weight and optimizes consumption for a perfect balance in the air-gas mix granting top level performances. The frame is completely crafted in brass, the extension is threaded and brazed with Silver alloy AG45 in the tap connection as well as in the nozzle holder.
The main body is fitted with a general opening tap, a second tap for the minimum flow regulation and a rapid opening valve actuated by means of a lever.
On demand, it can be also fitted with a piezoelectric ignition.
• Flexible rubber hose
Standard length of 10mt. of orange colour homologated according to European Regulations ISO EN3821 (or upon specific requests as length and also different homologations) and is supplied directly fitted near-under the torch’s handle.
• Gas regulator
Standard gas regulator homologated according to ISO EN334 and featuring 12 Kg/h flow and 4 bar max gas pressure exit (or available on request with any specific international homologation), also supplied already fitted to the flexible hose.

  • Excess flow safety valve (DIN 30693)
    Working pressure between 0 and 4 bar, 12 Kg/h flow, absolutely fundamental for the operator’s safety

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